Head in the clouds

31 December 2018

Just like that and we've hit 365/365. Felicia, it’s time to talk about cliches and the ever famous new year’s resolutions.

There's magic in the mundane #LifeAfterCollege

02 September 2018

Truth be told, I have a career timeline for myself. Three days after graduation, I was in a rush to go over every career opportunity in Jobstreet. Panicking while I thoroughly scanned through page per page and hitting the apply button every chance I get—you can ask my best friends. Exactly a month after graduation; What happened, what's happening, and what's about to happen.

Photo editing apps I use

30 August 2018

After being asked several times what app I used for this, what app I used for that, it's time to channel the inner Oprah in me and share my tricks. 

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