Landslide in my town

29 September 2018

The streets of the city felt masked with sadness and with strong hopes.

There's magic in the mundane #LifeAfterCollege

02 September 2018

Truth be told, I have a career timeline for myself. Three days after graduation, I was in a rush to go over every career opportunity in Jobstreet. Panicking while I thoroughly scanned through page per page and hitting the apply button every chance I get—you can ask my best friends. Exactly a month after graduation; What happened, what's happening, and what's about to happen.

Photo editing apps I use

30 August 2018

After being asked several times what app I used for this, what app I used for that, it's time to channel the inner Oprah in me and share my tricks. 

The truth about my college life

08 August 2018

This post has been the hardest to write by far. It's far more than the revelation (that people refuse to believe) that I learned to take the bus and jeepney in college.

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