Landslide in my town

29 September 2018

The streets of the city felt masked with sadness and with strong hopes.

A week ago, a calamity hit my town.  A landslide that affected 5 uphill Barangays that left the houses of over 1,000 families in devastation. I visited the evacuation center on the day of the landslide and I couldn't even begin to describe how it was like. It looked different on the television, on the internet. It was a scene of an organized mess. It was overwhelming to say the least. It was heart-wrenching.

Disclaimer: This takeaway comes from an outsider's perspective as I couldn't—wouldn't even dare to try speak for the victims. I could only imagine the shoes they're in now. Shoes of frustration, devastation, and not knowing where and how to start again. Shattered hopes, shattered dreams. 

When I look back at this, I want to be reminded of what I've learned: (a) Unless you've seen it first-hand, never underestimate the effort the LGU puts in situations like this. Believe me when I say they chose to give up sleep. (b) There are always people willing to help. The city hall is filled with volunteers and donations every day. Hands down. (c) If you can, see the situation for yourself. The internet or the man on the radio isn’t always right, you know. (d) Lend a helping hand if you can. It does not necessarily have to be in kind. You’re presence work like  magic too.  (e) The greatest takeaway of all time: Love with all your heart. Tomorrow doesn’t come for everyone.

Prayers and humanity for all. #MyNagaIsANarra

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